Emergency Preparedness For Security Officers

I believe that security guards need to be prepared for emergencies. You might think I would be writing about what is already in your post orders: emergency response. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. This post is really about how you will survive and hopefully prosper after you have responded to that emergency at your post. Once the emergency is over, what do you do? What if you are unable to get home or the roads are so bad you have to walk. Are you prepared to walk home ten miles? When you get home after that long walk do you have anything set aside for yourself and your family or roommates? Where I live, I have to worry about tornadoes and blizzards. On the west coast folks need to be concerned about earthquakes. And what about those hurricanes for the folks on the east coast? There are plenty of potential emergency situations all over the country.

If you have worked as a rover you might already be thinking about being prepared. First of all, you are constantly on call, so you may have stocked a supply of water and food in your car. You are prepared to improvise according to the situation that presents itself.

Realize that the police are really an important part of any scenario you consider. If the police are active and able to respond to emergencies, then society will not break down too badly after a cataclysm. If the ability of the police and fire departments to respond to emergencies really drops off you will experience a survival situation. For all their supposed faults, we are really blessed to have the good police we have in the U.S. When they are unable to respond, you will definitely notice their absence. As security guards, we can help the police if they ask us for help as long as we are prepared to help and in sound health.

There are really an overload of websites out there on survival and emergency preparedness. I like to read survivalblog.com and the Gentle Survivalist.

Preparation for security guards is really a matter of echelons. You should have a small kit on you at all times. In your vehicle you might wish to have a larger kit. http://secureonsitesecurity.co.uk/One that will help you survive if you need to hunker down or if you need to make that long walk or drive home. At home, you will have a larger stash: Likely stores of water and food.